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What I Do

I write for writing's sake. Does that make me weird? People ask me all sorts of things. "Why do you write?" "What makes you think you're good enough to get published?" "Why don't you do something else?"

Trust me, I ask the same questions to myself. But I just look back in the mirror and say, "Why not?"

I've been writing long before the Internet became popular, before Twitter became an obsession, before business got done at the tap of a finger. I grew up in the age of SEO.

I was Features Editor of our school newspaper in third grade. My interest grew as my mentors saw the potential in me. I wrote essays and poems and journals. I maintained a stack of diaries as high as my chest when I was in high school. I wrote for writing's sake. No one could deter me. After I spent zillions of day job hours in college, I finally found a spot in a marketing company that needed writers. It wasn't so much as I was obsessed. I just knew this is what I wanted to do.

Education did not stop at a desire to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. I'm also a Certified Copy Editor. Now I'm aiming to write for a broader, multi-cultural audience. To me life happens when I think, and put my thoughts into paper, or my computer. I observe, absorb and brainstorm my life through writing.

Writing gives more perks when you know how to make the most of it. Circumstances don't always let you reach your full potential, however. What writing to me is a way to communicate, to reflect, to learn from mistakes, to form my concept of the world, to make a living, to make sense of what's ahead, to leave a legacy.

I love how I find comfort in what I'm good at. Because I know one day I will look back and know I've helped someone with the skill I possess, and that they have helped me grow. Never hesitate to collaborate to create something meaningful.


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Bonjour and Welcome

Marie Puddu is a writer, editor-at-large and a digital design enthusiast. Her favorite subject is travel.

This blog is an evolution of her ideas, projects, aspirations, and continuous learning experiences.

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